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What We Have to Offer

Hospital Services for Horses:

We offer a wide variety of services to our equine patients including endoscopy, digital radiography and ultrasonography, full dental examination and occlusal adjustment, minor surgeries, ophthalmic exams, and reproductive procedures.


At the hospital, we have a 6 stall barn for day use or intensive care. There are 2 equine stocks to safely restrain horses for standing procedures such as dentistry, laceration repair, and palpation. We also have a level, hard-packed area with a round pen for lameness and pre-purchase examinations.

In addition, we have a padded recovery suite for castrations or other surgeries that require complete anesthesia. 

Hospital Services for Cattle:

We use a Powder River squeeze chute to restrain cattle and calves, and have numerous holding pens, corrals, and treatment pens for cattle. We also have two chutes for examinations, dystocias (difficult calvings), and standing surgeries.  In addition, we have a hydraulic tilt table that allows us to trim hooves, or treat various hoof conditions in cattle.

Mobile Care

Our trucks are fully equipped to handle routine procedures as well as emergencies. They are equipped with hot and cold running water, refrigeration, and a full complement of medicines and vaccines for all species.  If you feel you need a procedure performed that requires specialized equipment such as X-ray, ultrasound, IV fluids, etc. please notify our receptionists so we have the appropriate equipment loaded on the truck.

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Medication and Supplies

We carry a wide range of over-the-counter medications and vaccines for horses, cattle, and small ruminants (sheep and goats).  These supplies are located in the front room of the barn. You can call or just drop in and a technician or doctor would be happy to help with any advice you may need when purchasing supplies. We also carry a full complement of prescription medications.  By law we are required to examine your animal before prescribing any medication.

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Laboratory Services

Our veterinarians and technicians provide a wide variety of lab diagnostics, from fecal exams to milk cultures for your sick or healthy animal.  We can also send samples out for additional testing, including samples to the state laboratory at UC Davis.

We now provide same-day blood work analysis at the clinic! We are equipped for Complete Blood Counts (CBCs), Fibrinogen and Serum Chemistry Panels to treat your animal as efficiently as possible.

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