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Equine Dentistry


In the past, dental care was one of the last things to be considered when looking at the overall health of a horse. Now, veterinarians have found it to be a key component of horse maintenance. We have seen a dramatic increase in the a horse's lifespan because of the improvements that have been made to horse dentistry.


We recommend that the mouth of a horse be looked at least once a year during an annual veterinary exam. This can start as a foal. This can be done without sedating the animal, and it allows us to look for signs of problems. If problems are seen, then we can perform a more complete and in-depth exam under sedation. At our clinic we have stocks to place your horse into for added security and stability during the exam.

  • Look for ulceration of the cheek mucosa

  • Reduce sharp enamel points and hooks

  • Improve lateral movement of the mandible and temperomandibular joint (TMJ)

  • Align incisor profile

  • Check for loose/infected teeth

  • Look for cavities

  • Check for signs of periodontal disease

Before & After

dental before and after.jpg
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