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We provide state of the art digital ultrasound and wireless digital radiography. Both of our systems are completely portable and can be performed at the hospital or in the field.


Our Sonosite M-Turbo Edged digital ultrasound system uses the latest hardware and software to give our doctors an ideal image of any soft tissues we need to visualize. Our equipment allows us to image a broad range of tissues, from the tendons and ligaments of the fetlock to an unborn foal in the abdomen. This system allows for quick image transfer over the internet to referral centers for specialist's opinions regarding treatment and prognosis.

  • Reproduction

  • Lameness caused by soft tissue injury

  • Tendon/ligament imaging

  • Back and pelvis imaging



Our new Sound NEXT is a wireless digital imaging system that allows our doctors to capture, view and evaluate radiographs within seconds. It provides detailed digital images with astounding image quality. After radiographic examination, a copy of all images can be provided to you via email or on a disc or thumb-drive.

  • Prepurchase examination

  • Dental disease

  • Joint evaluation

  • Hoof evaluation for laminitis, palmar heel pain or navicular disease

  • Lameness 


We have both a 1 meter scope for imaging the gutteral pouches and airways, and we have a 3 meter scope for assessing the esophagus and monitoring stomach ulcers. With our system we can save images and videos and provide you with a copy.

Digital Imaging

ultrasound 1.jpg
ultrasound 2.jpg
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