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In-House Laboratory Services

We offer same day laboratory services; including complete blood counts, serum chemistry, Serum Amyloid A, fecal parasite analysis, and bacterial culture and sensitivities to help us better diagnose your animal in a timely matter.


Please contact our lab technician to submit a sample or with any questions at (707) 795-4356.

In-House Bloodwork:

   We have new & updated bloodwork machines to provide accurate and same-day results. During an exam, a doctor may recommend a complete blood count or serum chemistry to identify inflammation or infection, and check the function of internal organs. Blood work may also be useful during yearly check up. We are also able to run Serum Amyloid A on equine patients, which is a marker of inflammation.


Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity:

   Culture and sensitivities can be performed in the hospital on wounds, abscesses, milk or uterine samples.  The bacteria causing the infection is identified, allowing the Veterinarian to treat your animal with the correct systemic or local antibiotics and decreasing the chance of resistance.

Fecal Parasite Analysis:

   Fecal examination for intestinal parasites is recommended at least every 6 months. Please bring in a fresh fecal sample, and our laboratory staff will perform a fecal float to identify any intestinal parasites and recommend an appropriate dewormer.

Semen Evaluation

   Semen evaluation for motility and morphology are a pertinent part of any breeding soundness exam.

We are also able to send samples out to other laboratories for additional testing. Please call us at 707-795-4356 if you have questions about a specific test.

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